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Pregnancy scans at Spire Bristol Hospital Spire Healthcare If your baby is over 14 weeks gestation we will take measurements of your baby’s head (bi-parietal diameter and head circumference) and femur (thh bone). Pregnancy scans - Pregnancy is a very special time for the mother to be, and for all of her family. Choose Spire Bristol Hospital.

Other Services in Bristol - Radiology - St Michaels Hospital. The benefits of the transvaginal scan will be discussed with you in full if we are unable to confirm a pregnancy with the heart beat from the abdominal scan. First trimester screening scan; OR; Dating scan; Early pegnancy clinic scans; Detailed anomaly scan at 18-20 +6 days weeks; Growth scans.

Dating Reassurance Scans Babyvision Babyvision uses excellent quality ultrasound equipment to obtain the best images, however, if you attend Babyvision and your pregnancy is earlier than 6 weeks gestation or we are unable to confirm an early viable pregnancy due to reduced image quality (which may happen if the uterus is retroverted which means tilted back or have a hh BMI) we may offer a transvaginal (internal) scan during your appointment. If you would like some reassurance that your pregnancy is progressing well, then you may wish to book our early dating / reassurance scans which are available.

D Baby Scans in Bristol First Encounters Ultrasound A transvaginal scan is sometimes used in early pregnancy because you can get a clearer ultrasound image at an earlier geatation. The ultrasound probe is a similar size and shape to a tampon and this is gently inserted into the vagina. This equipment is available at Babyvision and is an essential facility when providing early scans. Book a 3D/4D scan with our Bristol clinic and see into your baby's world! Our premises in Portishead are easily accessible from Bristol and nearby.

Ultrasound Baby Face - Gender at £39, 3D/4D at £59 Bristol You do not need a doctor’s letter for this scan and your scan can either replace or be an addition to the 12 week dating scan offered at your hospital. Accurate Gender scans at £39. We provide 4d scan 4D ultrasound 3d scan 3D ultrasound Private gender scan or Sexing scan Bristol.

Pregnancy <em>scans</em> at Spire <em>Bristol</em> Hospital Spire Healthcare
Other Services in <strong>Bristol</strong> - Radiology - St Michaels Hospital.
<strong>Dating</strong> Reassurance <strong>Scans</strong> Babyvision
D Baby <strong>Scans</strong> in <strong>Bristol</strong> First Encounters Ultrasound
Ultrasound Baby Face - Gender at £39, 3D/4D at £59 <em>Bristol</em>
<i>Bristol</i> Baby <i>Scan</i> Clinic - £50 Baby <i>Scans</i> - 99.9% Accurate Gender
Clarion Health Bath - Single MMR Bath, <b>Bristol</b>, South West
<i>Early</i> Pregnancy <i>Scan</i> <i>Bristol</i> - Pregnancy Reassurance Ultrasound.

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