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H22a swap, p13 ecu problems.please help - Car Forums and Automotive Chat I have HEARD that the pins from a radio harness MAY work, but I cannot confirm this. note that there ARE different sizes of pins used in the ECU connector (larger ones one the sides of each plug). A swift blown with a hammer should do the trick, or you can try and use a little finesse and pop open the back and work them out. H22a swap, p13 ecu problems. I also used the si wireharness and I know I wont be able to use vtec yet. My problem is when I hook up my jdm p13 ecu to this setup.

HOW TO Wire ECU for H22 swap - Honda Prelude Forum Unfortunatley, the dealer does not sell these individaully, so you are gonna need to find another way to get these snal wires into the ECU connector. You forgot OPTION #3. assuming you have a 4G Prelude Hook up the VTEC solenoid wire to the little blue connector that goes no where, on the passengerside strut.

How To Rewire VTEC In Your Honda/Acura Import Insider Never got around to adding this to the "b" H22 swap thread untill now. There are 2 options: OPTION ONE: THE GOOD WAY Obtain an OBD1 ECU connector with several inches of wires attached. Step-by-step guide on how to rewire VTEC in your Honda. with an h22a vtec swap. a 98 accord. the problem is the vtec solenoid isnt hooked up.

How to wire jdm H22a Vtec, IAB, Knock Sensor? HondaSwap Solder/heat-shrink the pins/wire stubs onto the wires you feed into the cabin from the engine bay. How to wire jdm H22a Vtec, IAB. Ok, i did a obd1 jdm H22a swap on my 92 prelude that didn't come. i need to know how to wire it up or get some kinda info on.

H22a vtec hook up - Mark Williams Photography OPTION TWO: THE "I WANNA DRIVE" WAY (a.k.a: "ghetto way" If you are like me, you are itching to drive your car, and the nearest junkyard is 90 minutes away. BEFORE bolting the ECU back in place, installing the cover plate, and putting the carpet back in place, turn the key to the "on" postition (not "start"), and see if you get any check engine lhts. H22a vtec hook up. Most people know about swapping B16 s and B18 s into civic.

H22a turbo w/ vtec controller Page1 - Honda Tuning Forums at Super. Honda sells a special tool for this, but it probably costs . H22a turbo w/ vtec controller Page1 - Discuss Honda Tuning Forums. Sure you can hook up a wideband and make your AFR's alrht but thats about all you can do!

CKF Bypass Trick –. FFS TechNet. -. Use more finesse to re-insert pins into correct positions (according to diagram above). Feb 19, 2009. Kincaid- first off, what ECU are you using? the 96 EX ecu? or a JDM SOHC ZC ecu? Of course if you don't have the VTEC components wired up.

Honda Engine List - Honda Civic Blog You will need to remove the floor mat, pull back the carpet, and remove the large silver plate that the carpet exposes. Swapping an H22 into an h23-equipped car, you will need to add: The pin locations above are in reference to the standard OBD1 Honda Pinout diagram (which is the same for all OBD1 Honda/Acura vehicles: Preludes, civics, teggys, etc): In an ideal world, you would be able to obtain a few extra ECU pins to crimp onto the wires you will be adding. Found in 1996-2000 Honda Civic – South Africa VTEC EK. The H22A debuted in 1993 for use in the Honda Prelude VTEC as the H22A1. had a D16Y8 VTEC in it, Broke a rod so I put a D16Y7 in the car all wires hooked up have power.

JDM H22A swap into '93 honda accord with stock F22A1 vacuum guide. THIS IS WHERE LABELING YOUR WIRES BEFORE FEEDING THEM INTO THE CABIN PAYS OFF B-TIME, ESPECIALLY IF YOUR WIRES ARE ALL THE SAME COLOR!! Do u have any idle problems? can u show me how to hook up the evap purge and fpr solenoid? those r the wires i got to ecu A4-vtec D6-vtec A17-secondary intake solenoid

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