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How To Flaunt The Cameo Jewelry We have invited a very famous composer to tell you a bit about the end of the Georgian Period during the time after the French Revolution: Jewelry from Georgian times is relatively rare as most of it has been taken apart over the years and refashioned to fit the varying jewelry styles of successive periods. Dating back to thousands of years ago, the cameo or vintage jewelry of the Victorian era are currently running as top vintage bestsellers.

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Cameo Jewelry - LoveToKnow During most of the 18th century, diamonds were set in closed silver-settings and in order to protect from tarnish, the interior of the pieces were crafted in gold. Cameo jewelry was incredibly popular during the Victorian era, approximately 1837 - 1901. As one of Queen Elizabeth's favorite types of jewelry, the popularity.

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Cameo jewelry Standards for gold in the Georgian era were usually 18kt and hher, giving the finished jewels a lovely satin luster. The cameo is usually a gem. An English pottery manufacturer, Josiah Wedgwood, made a b contribution to the popularization of the new jewelry forms.

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