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Brittany and Santana Sing "I Wanna Dance With Brittany: *heads upstairs to Santana's room and knocks on the door* Santana? Santana and Brittany Are Officially a Couple in Glee Season 3, Episode 2 They’ve been an unofficial item for a while, but is Brittana officially dating? After some quirky mishaps with Damian McGinty’s new character, Rory, Brittany and Santana end their day with a romantic date at BreadStix.

Santana + brittany - are we dating - YouTube Pierce yeah I know it's weird because she mht not feel the same way but it's just everything about her drives me crazy like her beautiful ocean blue eyes, her long golden blonde hair she is just so perfect and every time i'm with her I get butterflies in my stomach and I can't think straht but she is with Mike and when they're together it makes me upset *gets interrupted by her mom knocking* Okay diary that's it for now. Maybe i should tell her how I feel when she gets here. *They all sit down and talk and Santana is still sad* Maribel: *asks* What's wrong sweetheart? Feb 26, 2012. Because so many people have been asking here are the episodes used -0 26 I kissed A girl - Sectionals. - Reonals I.

Brittana Brittany and Santana of GLEE - Home Pop quiz, lezzers — what does today have in common with an apocalypse? The Brittany-Santana Relationship, also known as Brittana, is a sexual and romantic relationship. Brittany and santana are dating. o.o brittana's back.

Brittany and Santana sitting on Santana's bed talking - Probably the writers were still titillating us and everyone else at this point. Brittany's P. O. V *Staring at a picture of Santana* Thinking * Oh my gosh she is so beautiful and perfect nobody but Quinn knows I like Santana but i'm dating Mike.

Glee Santana and Brittany Kiss - Bing images Santana: *laying on her bed thinking about how Brittany is with Mike almost in tears* Come in. *she asks looking at Santana*Santana: Yeah I'm fine. Glee Cheerleaders Making Out Glee Kissing Scenes Glee Hot Brittany and Santana Romance Brittany and Santana Break Up Santana and Brittany Wedding Santana and Brittany Dating Brittany. melbourne vic tonht, glee santana and brittany kiss season 3. 500 x 258 jpeg 17kB.

Brittany-Sam Relationship Glee TV Show FANDOM powered. She says with hope Brittany: Yeah we would love to. *she says to Susan*Susan: Brittany go say bye to Santana. They are then forced to kiss. Santana, who was then dating Sam, soon separates them. Both Sam and Brittany look very happy throughout their kiss, and Sam is.

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