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Laura Marano Reveals Why She's Not Dating Ross Lynch — Listen. It was clear to us that we’d gotten something special. There’s nothing more satisfying than adding a new joke in the middle of a scene and watching a fresh reaction. How have the actors changed since the show premiered? Of course, they’ve matured and watching them grow into the amazing people they are has been incredible. We remember each of “the Core Four” having great auditions. For 'Austin & Ally' fans, one question always remains — will Austin and Ally ever be together in real life? Of course, they're talking about Ross.

Austin Tells Ally He Loves Her! "Austin & Ally" 3x22 Finale Recap. Raini made us laugh so much that we almost forgot to ask her to perform her scene — we remember her joking about having to come in so early in the morning for the audition. Laura had to perform this ridiculously long monologue and she just nailed it — we heard it a hundred times, performed by tons of actors, and it’s remarkable that Laura was able to make us laugh and make it feel so fresh and funny after all that time. Things We Want in Teen Beach Movie 2 ▻▻ More Celebrity News ▻▻ Spoiler Alert.

Austin & Ally Breaking News, Photos, Videos and Gallery Just. The popular kids sitcom airs its series finale on Sunday, Jan. Premiering in December 2011, the music genre comedy created by tween TV vets Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert made stars of the titular characters Ross Lynch and Laura Marano, who spent much of the series as an on-and-off couple, creating a passionate fan base that followed the cast’s every move, both on and off the screen. Our dream when we started the show was to hit a hundred episodes and we came pretty close. Zedd Reveals What It Was Like Dating Selena Gomez. 'Austin & Ally's Ross Lynch, Laura Marano & Calum Worthy Reunited Last Nht & It Was Everything. Calum Worthy Would Be Totally Down for an 'Austin & Ally' Movie.

Astin and ally dating:

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