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Top Dating Websites

Top Dating Websites

Online dating - best thing that ever happened to introverts

There are dating sites for shy people who help to easily find a soul mate. Of course, then in any case you will need to go on a date, but before that you can safely communicate online with person you like. If you have noticed that it is difficult for you to meet someone personally, then do not worry, it is normal to be shy. The main thing is not to be afraid to search for your fate online.


1. Еharmony

The site is very popular due to the number of pairs entwined. Many users have been able to create long-term relationships and even get married.


2. Elite Singles

Site for people who are busy with life and career. It is aimed directly at successful professionals who are looking for other successful partners who are often hard to find on traditional dating websites.


3. Match

Designed for single people over 30 who are looking for a serious relationship, and not something random.


4. Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is a dating site for people who are looking for intimate relationships. The platform does not hide this fact, so all of its more than 25 million users are completely open to each other.


5. Guardian Soulmates

80% of Guardian Soulmates users are also Guardian readers, so if you fall into this category, the site makes it easy to find someone who has similar hobbies.


Dating sites for shy people can help you make contact with others. Do not be afraid to register on one of such platforms. Maybe you will be a little unusual, but over time, you will realize that there are the same people as you on the site. Moreover, with no doubt it will be much easier to find soul mate.


It’s Easier to Meet New People

Today it is quite difficult to meet someone, especially for shy people. Therefore, it becomes a real problem for men and women. The worst thing is to take the first step, look into the eyes, see mutual sympathy, or accept the lack of interest. One way or another, you need to get acquainted, but in real live is very difficult. The Internet has solved a lot of our everyday problems, work problems, problems with the lack of information, why not help to find serious relationship?


The best option for those who do not know how to meet, will be a dating site on the network. Everything here is simple and clear, the site is made on the model of a social network, although in fact it is not. Its main goal is to simplify communication between people, as well as to highlight those who want to stand out from the general mass of Internet users. Everyone who registers on this site, initially shows to other users he/she is in a search of a partner. To make such a step in reality it is really hard foe introverts, while on the Internet, where you are hidden from the monitor by the whole world, it is very simple.


Sign up on any serious dating site is very easy and fast. Each of them offers a very convenient space for dating and socializing. The use doesn’t require additional knowledges as everything is understandable and will not cause problems even among older people, who can also use it to search for the second half, or just to find like-minded people for interesting communication. Usually on such portals they offer to fill in a simple questionnaire, without details, only what you may really need for dating. Do this and start your quest. Do not be afraid to write first, do not be afraid to respond to the attention shown to you. In the end, this is only the Internet and you don’t have any obligations there.


Online Dating Saves Time

Looking for love on international dating sites has many advantages. Indeed, in real life, it is impossible to meet several men or women at the same time without leaving your home, especially if they are also from different countries. In addition, dating online makes such love online possible.  Statistics of online communication shows: according to various studies, 20−25% of these acquaintances ended in a serious relationship or marriage. Interestingly, not only young men and women now communicate on the Internet, but also older ones. After all, it is very inconvenient for a people in real life just to walk on the street and start suddenly talk to someone, opening up their souls. Moreover, thanks to dating portals, it is very easy to communicate with any companion you like, or even meet your love online.


If to use online dating service everything is much more simple: if the person behaves inadequately, impolitely, insultingly, you can not waste time and nerves and just block offender. After all, time is one of the most important resources, which is always lacking. Moreover, in large cities, the most number of people don’t want to spend time going on dates. While on the Internet, you can quickly understand what kind of person is talking to you, and stop the conversation at any time. In addition, during the communication, you can do any business, so virtual communication helps to minimize the stress that arises when you first meet. Before you see face to face, you can study each other only through correspondence. Besides, when you meet in reality, you will communicate as you know each other well. In addition, there is no need to spend hours preparing for the first meeting, buying a beautiful dress or something like that; you just need to turn on the computer and start your virtual flirt. And when the time of a real acquaintance comes, you will already know a person, his/her addiction, so a chance to get disappointed during date significantly reduces.


Avoid the Bar and Club Scene

As a rule, introverts do not like noisy places with large crowds of people, and even more so bars and nightclubs. Therefore, registration on the dating site is an excellent choice for those who want to find love not leaving home. This will help not only to build a relationship with a serious person, but also give a chance to get to know each other without too much fuss. Statistics show that now less and less people get to know each other in public places, such as a bar or cafe. In a nowadays world where people use Internet more and more often each day, they actively practicing online dating, and this trend is gaining momentum. There are many advantages and features in this type of dating. Not everyone wants to go to a bar to meet someone after a hard day’s work. Another thing is to come home to make warm tea, sit on the sofa and chat with a pretty girl or a good man on one of the best dating sites. This option is suitable not only for introverts, but also for all people who value their time and want to have a greater choice. That is why every year more and more people prefer online dating, rather than searching for the second half in noisy smoky bars or nightclubs.

How to stay safe online

Fraudsters on dating sites upload other people's photos, publish inaccurate information, extract confidential data, ask for intimate photos, which can then be blackmailed. To protect yourself, follow the famous expression: "Trust, but verify." After all, what exactly you tell the other person depends only on you. On the Internet, there are a huge number of online scammers, and with the help of your page, you can become easy prey for them. There is some tips of how to avoid this while using top dating sites:


1. Do not post on your page provoking photos

Your carelessness can be determined by your photo. Often, mail order bride exhibit photos, where you can see their cool phones, photos from clubs and restaurants, photos of new decorations and beautiful housing. Especially if there is no permanent gentleman in the photo, it means that the girl pays for everything herself, then there is money. With enough attention to detail and little experience, the fraudster will easily select such questionnaires and start his game.


2. Do not disclose your residential address.

When you submit your home photos, which marked the address, and it is also a prestigious area - this may also can interest the fraudster. Also, do not post photos that show where your children study, what kindergarten they go to. Everything is immediately visible and very quickly can be determined from the photo of an elite institution or not. And even in correspondence, try to avoid answers to such questions - so you will give the scammer less reason, and you will save children from meeting unpleasant people.


3. Do not write about your place of work

Scammers always look at your status and position at work. By this criterion, they understand how much money they can get from you. In this case, in the correspondence it is better not to talk about work, but about some general matters without details about your earnings.


4. Hide your real financial opportunities

If you still decide to post photos of your car or other expensive things, then at least do not tell that you could easily get them. It is better not to answer questions about your financial capabilities at all. In addition, always remember that such kind of questions areusually asked by those who really want to know something about your money. In extreme cases, answer what you took a credit or you had to borrow money.


5. Think about your statuses

There are two kinds of statuses that attract scammers. Independent is a strong man/woman who can help everyone who asks. In addition, fraudsters pay attention to the status of "Active Search." This is a sign that the girl wants too much to find a suitable man and will be ready for much for his sake. These girls are very easy to get into trust. An attentive person, having looked through your page, already knows what to write about to own your heart and easily manipulate you in the future.


6. Photos only with pets

Such photos say that you are affectionate, kind and cutely naive. And for the cheater, this is the main criterion. He understands that you are alone, because photos only with cats and dogs, that you pay a lot of attention to them, that you take care of them and therefore expect the same care to yourself. And if someone needs help next to you, you will immediately rush to help. At this point, the fraudster can easily ask you for money for the treatment of a sick child, food for animal shelter, and so on.


7. Be careful with your emotions

The most of scammers prefer to use your emotional heart against you. Understand and remember: a good man/woman who is in love, or at least just a person who is interested in you, even if he/she is in a very difficult situation for him/her, will try not to strain you with financial problems and, moreover, will not allow you to have negative emotions associated with him/her in the first stages of relationship. A loving person, on the contrary, will protect you from his problems and try to show himself/herself from the best side. In addition, even if he/she starts talking about some problems, he/she will definitely refuse your help, until your relationship becomes stable.


If you’re looking for love...

  1. Choose where to search your love. Now there are a lot of popular dating sites that everyone knows about. However, consider how many thousands of people are there, and what are your chances of finding your other half there. In addition, there are resources where online dating is organized on the principle of a club of interests. That is, the site is dedicated to a specific topic, so there is the public that is united by a common interest. This means that there are fewer people, but the probability of finding love in the network is higher. In addition, all dating sites work in their own way. For example, you can fill out a questionnaire, providing information about yourself and the desired characteristics of your future partner and the system will automatically select suitable candidates from the given sources. This narrows your choices, but it saves time. After all, most often dating sites are built on the principle that when you register, you get access to the profiles of all the other participants and will be able to choose someone of them. Surely, each one can sort his/her prospective companions by age or place of residence, but this does not make it much easier to find an ideal partner.
  2. Be prepared to spend a certain amount of money. Dating on the best online dating sites is not organized to search for love online, but to make money. Most often, after registration, you will be offered a VIP-status for a certain amount of money, so your profile will be framed or will always be in the first lines of the search. Thus, a greater number of people will notice you, which means that the chances of meeting a dream man or woman of your life increase.
  3. Create the most truthful questionnaire. Of course, all of us want to look better, prettier, richer, etc., in order to make the most pleasant impression. However, think better before putting a photo strange leggy blonde with a big breast or charming gentleman, because sooner or later you will have a real meeting. So upload to your profile only our own photos. The same applies to personal data. Do not mislead anyone. For example, if you graduated from college, write “secondary” in the column of education, and do not lie saying you studied at Harvard or Oxford. The truth will pop up, and you will be ashamed in eyes of a person forever.
  4. Keep the intrigue. You do not need to register your entire biography in your profile. You have to be a book that each wants to read avidly, because with each new page he/she will learn something interesting, exciting about you. The same applies to the photo in the questionnaire. No need to put outspoken, too hot photos, otherwise you will attract a sex maniac
  5. Carefully fill out your profile. It's not about spelling mistakes, but about personal data like a phone number or a passport. This is confidential information that can’t be spread all over the Internet. The scammers are not asleep, they are browsing da top dating websites in search of naive victims.
  6. Be prepared for deception. You probably would like to embellish your photo or any data of your biography. Other users will do the same. Some will embellish their lives for acquaintance on the Internet, while others will deliberately lie to attract maximum attention to themselves and quickly find love in the network.
  7. Prepare to say no and hear it in your address. Do not take all these seriously. If you sent a request for acquaintance on the Internet, and did not get respond or you began to communicate with the person, and later he/she stopped replying – it a common situation for dating sites and you don’t have to worry too much about it. It is not your beloved man or woman; so you do not need to focus your attention on one particular person, it is better to start searching for your love in the network again. After all, everyone chooses a partner for themselves, suitable for some criteria: age, hobby, place of residence, etc. Therefore, it is not necessary to delve into yourself, look for some flaws. It’s not your fault – it’s just the network.
  8. Create specific frames. There are thousands of people on the best dating sites 2020 , and in order not to waste your time on viewing all profiles, enter some restrictions. For example, communicate with people from certain areas of residence or specific age, common interest, etc.
  9. Do not hesitate to check the person. Look for him/her in a search engine, social networks or other legit dating sites. It often happens that a person gives  one kind of information on a dating site, and at the same time completely different on social networks. There is nothing wrong with such espionage, you simply insure yourself and learn more about the person you like.
  10. Remember about safety. As in real life, the Internet is full of people who are unscrupulous or have bad intentions.